Riga, 08.10.2019

PropTech Riga Press release: PropTech Riga 2019: the most valuable resource today is no longer oil, but data. Data is the new oil.

At PropTech Riga 2019, the real estate and innovations forum that took place in Riga on 27 September, nearly each speaker, whether relating about global trends, or demonstrating an application of cutting-edge technologies, or just sharing their company experience, emphasized the significance of data. You may as well say that this international forum was about data: how to collect it, to structure, analyse and use it – both in the context of industry and urban environment, and each particular company, and how to apply it for further development and efficient customer management: “The most valuable resource today is no longer oil, but data. Data is the new oil.”

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Riga, 02.10.2019.

See you next year!

Thank you everyone! You all were a part of this event to make it happen! It was glad to see you at our forum PropTech Riga 2019! Hope that you enjoyed time and get some useful information!

Yours faithfully,
PropTech Riga team
Irina Sjarki, Anita Ozolina, Sabine Anna Egle

Riga, 01.10.2019.

Winner of the Start-up competition 2019: OROCON from Latvia

Based on jury’s decision – OROCON took the first place of this year’s competition. Thank you for your energy and spirit! Good luck! 

Bidrento, Estonia

3 of our 18 startups are the bravest !! 🖐One of them is Bidrento (Estonia),, which takes a part in the contest "The Magnate of the Social Media":• The main task is to introduce with start-up idea and team;They ALL made it easy but as original and creative as possible !!So now is just one question – Which start-up is the most attractive for you – social media experts?P.S. Winner of the contest have to take the largest amount of your reactions for this post 🙃 Don't be shy and share your like – 👍

Posted by PropTech Riga on Otrdiena, 2019. gada 24. septembris

Riga, 01.10.2019.

“The Magnate of the Social Media” winner: Bidrento

We had a little contest out of the competition for Start-ups. Participants had to made a short video to introduce with their team and show the idea of the technology. Experts who decided who the winner is were social media users of Linkedin and Facebook. We are happy that we had the 3 bravest start-ups which made it and took a part in this contest. Wish you luck and congrats!

Riga, 30.09.2019.

Thank you for being with us at the forum PropTech Riga 2019

Speaker presentations: here

Start-up pitches: here

Photos: here

Riga, 24.09.2019.

StartUp Competition award
–  2 front row tickets to closed fintech event – ECOMMTALKS. The conference will be held in Riga, Splendid Palace, on the 14th of November;
–  2 invitation to Evening party with networking possibility;
–  ECOMMPAY promo pack;
–   Lunch with the investor.

Riga, 20.09.2019.


Šī gada Proptech Riga jauninājums – paralēli foruma pamatprogrammai,  VEF Kvartāla kamerzāles otrajā stāvā,  notiks Istabas INOVĀCIJU ATVĒRTĀ SKATUVE” – vieta, kur tiem, kam ir proptech technoloģija – varēs par to stāstīt uz atsevišķas mini-skatuves. Foruma partneriem un startapiem – bezmaksas, pārējiem dalībniekiem par simbolisku samaksu. Katra uzstāšanās – līdz 15 min. Uzstāšanās valoda – pēc izvēles.



This year’s NEW THING – in the second floor of the VEF Quarterly Chamber Hall – will feature an “OPEN STAGE” where proptech technologies will be featured on a separate mini-stage. For Forum Partners and Startups – Free, for others for a symbolic fee. Each presentation – up to 15 min. Language of the presentation – optional (Latvian, Russian, English).

Our friend of the Open Stage –!

Riga, 04.09.2019

Start-up participants 2019:

We already have the first registred Start-ups for the competition: 

Immovativ GmbH (Germany),
Einpix (Lithuania), 
ODN (Russia), 
REALPAD Software (Czech Republic),
OROCON (Latvia),
Velvet (Estonia)
QPANO (Latvia).

Sign up for the Startup Challenge till 16.09.2019 (including) here  – application form

Riga, 27.08.2019

The speaker list of forum is completed!

Meet our PropTech Riga 2019 speakers from United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland! 

Carol Tallon (Ireland), CEO of Property District and founder of PropTech Ireland
Markus Porvari (Finland), Technology Entrepreneur, Founder of HyperIn Inc.
Alfredo Díaz-Araque Moro (Spain), Real Estate and PropTech expert
Ivan Nokhrin (Russia), founder of Wiredhut, Co-founder of PropTech Russia
Wouter Truffino (Netherlands), Founder of Holland ConTech & PropTech, Global PropTech
Idriss Goossens (Belgium), Founder of PropTech Lab, Co-founder of PropTech House
Jonas Canton (Switzerland), Serial entrepreneur and PropTech facilitator
Sergejs Volvenkins (Latvia), Head of Digital Department of iMarketings
Bartosz Dobrowolski (Poland), PropTech Poland Founder
Ulrich Kerber (Germany), CEO of Freudenberg Real Estate Management GmbH
Alexander Ragozin (Russia), General Director at KONNEKTU.
Stefan Müller-Schleipen (Germany), CEO at Immovativ GmbH
Martynas Zibuda (Lithuania), Director of Development at EIKA
Alina Mezciema (Latvia), Head of Project Management Division at LMT Innovations
Prof. Dr. Michael Truebestein (Switzerland), Professor of Real Estate Management and Head of the Master of Science in Real Estate programme at Lucerne University

Riga, 29.07.2019

The speaker list of forum is almost completed

What you will meet in PropTech Riga 2019? Let’s see our first speakers from Germany, Spain, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Finland!

More about speakers here

Riga, 04.07.2019.

The date for the upcoming PropTech Riga 2019 has been announced: Friday 27 September 2019

See you soon in September at the event venue: VEF Chamber Hall, 5A, Ieriķu Street, Riga!

Take the registration here

Riga, 18.09.2018

Dear Start-up competition participants,

Thank you all for the applications and for your time. We are proud and ready to announce you the luckiest ones who got in the next round:

  2. Vartus
  3. QRpulse
  4. EstateGuru
  6. Serfy
  7. Rontgen
  9. Ninja
  10. Moderan Solutions
  12. Giraffe360

Congrats to everyone!

Chairman of the Jury of PropTech Riga Startup Competition

Paul Oberschneider, businessman, angel investor, property developer, Serial Start-Up CEO (United Kingdom)

Riga, 22.08.2018

Startup contest to take place as part of PropTech Riga forum in September

PropTech startups are eager applying for the challenge contest within the framework of the international forum devoted to technologies in the real estate industry – PropTech Riga, to take place in Riga on 27th and 28th of September. 

Eight startup companies applied for the contest: four from Latvia and one from each Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus and Russia, offering to take the real estate (RE) industry to new level.

An international Property Technology Forum PropTech Riga 2018, devoted to innovation technologies, which start emerging in the real estate industry and reshaping it, is going to take place for the first time in Riga at RISEBA Architecture and Media Centre H2O 6 on the 27th and the 28th of September. Experts of a number of European countries will share their experience in this field. The conference is organized by the Latvian Real Estate Association LANĪDA with a support of the General Sponsor –

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Riga, 20.08.2018

Prof. Dr. Michael Truebestein, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts: Applications and Challenges of the Blockchain Technology in the Real Estate Industry

Focus: Overview and critical statements
Blockchain technology will completely change the real estate industry and some applications (and companies) have been launched successfully. Nevertheless, nobody knows exactly, which business model will be successful and where future developments can be expected. Furthermore, this development is marked by different views and behaviors of the “traditional” real estate industry and disruptive IT-experts…

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Michael Trubestein

Riga, 08.08.2018

Jean Mauris, PropTech Riga programme director and representative of the Latvian Start-up Association: Two worlds to meet in PropTech Riga 2018 forum: real estate and technology to find effective solutions for development

On 27 and 28 September in Riga, and for the first time in Latvia is to take place an international conference, devoted to technology in the real estate industry – PropTech Riga. The conference will include a challenge – a competition amongst real estate field related start-ups. The conference is organized by the Latvian Real Estate Association LANĪDA with a support of the General Sponsor –

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