Startup Competition

Startup Competition

Riga, 01.10.2019.

Winner of the Start-up competition 2019: OROCON from Latvia

Based on jury’s decision – OROCON took the first place of this year’s competition. Thank you for your energy and spirit! Good luck! 

All the best,
PropTech Riga team

Bidrento, Estonia

3 of our 18 startups are the bravest !! 🖐One of them is Bidrento (Estonia),, which takes a part in the contest "The Magnate of the Social Media":• The main task is to introduce with start-up idea and team;They ALL made it easy but as original and creative as possible !!So now is just one question – Which start-up is the most attractive for you – social media experts?P.S. Winner of the contest have to take the largest amount of your reactions for this post 🙃 Don't be shy and share your like – 👍

Posted by PropTech Riga on Otrdiena, 2019. gada 24. septembris

Riga, 01.10.2019.

“The Magnate of the Social Media” winner: Bidrento

We had a little contest out of the competition for Start-ups. Participants had to made a short video to indroduce with their team and show the idea of the technology. Experts who decided who the winner is were social media users of Linkedin and Facebook. We are happy that we had the 3 bravest start-ups which made it and took a part in this contest. Wish you luck and congrats!

Our registred Start-ups for the competition this year are: 

  1. Immovativ GmbH (Germany),
  2. Einpix (Lithuania),
  3. ODN (Russia),
  4. REALPAD Software (Czech Republic), 
  5. OROCON (Latvia),
  6. Velvet (Estonia),
  7. QPANO (Latvia), 
  8. SmartVent (Estonia), 
  9. Reinvest24 (Estonia),
  10. R8tech (Estonia), 
  11. Securebadger (Estonia),
  12. Bidrento (Estonia), 
  13. Pingin (Lithuania),
  14. Profitus (Lithuania)
  15. SmartLaws (Latvia), 
  16. Agent House (United Kingdom),
  17. FIXtender (Latvia), 
  18. BIMSynch (Latvia).

StartUp Competition award
–  2 front row tickets to closed fintech event – ECOMMTALKS. The conference will be held in Riga, Splendid Palace, on the 14th of November;
–  2 invitation to Evening party with networking possibility;
–  ECOMMPAY promo pack;
–   Lunch with the investor.

PropTech Riga Startup Competition

Are you a PropTech Start-up that looking for funder, or investor to capitalise your invention?

We’re inviting startup companies to participate in the PropTech Riga organized Startup Competition, at the real estate technology and innovation Forum, as part of PropTech Riga, taking placing in Riga,  27th of September, 2019. During the forum, real estate related startups will have a platform to present their ideas.

Start-up competition participants: Immovativ GmbH (Germany), Einpix (Lithuania), ODN (Russia),REALPAD Software (Czech Republic), OROCON (Latvia), Velvet (Estonia), QPANO (Latvia),  SmartVent (Estonia), Reinvest24 (Estonia), R8tech (Estonia), Securebadger (Estonia),Bidrento (Estonia), Pingin (Lithuania), Profitus (Lithuania), SmartLaws (Latvia), Agent House (United Kingdom), FIXtender (Latvia), BIMSynch (Latvia).

Startup Challenge participation rules:

  • An opportunity to present their startup idea to members of the forum (max. 3-minute-long pitch, followed by a 2-minute Q&A session);
  • An opportunity to participate in the Startup expo (up to 1m²);
  • 2 members from the startups that have presented their idea will be able to take full part in the forum, free of charge (Note: The second member is able to join the forum, if participant takes part in Startup exhibition too)

Who can apply?

Startups must:

  • Provide a solution for the real estate industry service or content experience
  • Have an innovative approach or a technical solution, as well as a scalable business model

How to apply?

Participation is free of charge but registration is mandatory!

Sign up for the Startup Challenge till 16.09.2019 (including) here  – application form

Industry experts and organizers will evaluate the applications and select the best ones! We will personally inform you whether you’ve been selected or not.

NB! Those participants who were not among winners of last year’s competition are also invited to apply this year.

Startup Competition participants 2019

The winner of 2018: Giraffe360

There were 12 startup companies from four countries: Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Belarus. Won the Latvian company dealing with virtual tour technology manufacturer.

Based on jury’s decision – Giraffe360 had the opportunity to participate in the world’s largest Proptech event: MIPIM PropTech New York, which took place in the United States, Metropolitan Pavilion NYC, on the 6th of November, 2018.

Read the full release: LV & RUS

Startup Competition participants 2018

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